I am a marketing professional, a traveler and a student of the world. I love creating and executing digital products that move people and that create lasting experiences.

I'm interested in Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, social media, and startups.

I value strategy, design, and code.



FB Messenger Bots
The first is Mars Trail Bot, patterned after the classic game, Oregon Trail, where you try to make simple choices in order to reach Mars.
The second one is Bender Bot, based on the Futurama character, Bender. It offers you advice or tells you something about himself.
Lit Bot is a bot that teaches you some of the most used Millennial slang today.
The PS4 Fanbot shows you the latest and hottest games coming to the PS4.

AR Filters
Currently playing around with different types of AR filters on Facebook & Instagram.
[Click on mobile to try it out]


Project: Social Concept
A social platform that values relationships and privacy. A platform that helps fight against bullying and harassment. A platform that takes into consideration the needs of diverse groups of people.

Private Twitter concept mockup
A concept I've been playing around with is a private Twitter where you can see updates from your friends and family. You can only add them if you know their usernames.
I created the design using Sketch and the animation using Flinto.